NFT Premium domains

There are still rare & exclusive NFT domains available, this section will help you find premium domains that are yet not taken.

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NFT Premium domains

We present powerful domain names that have attractive values, so-called premium domain or gold domain. Here we compare domains from several different market players and prices. A so-called premium domain can be a unique and impactful keyword that has a simple and powerful recognition. We usually call domains premium domains when the domain names have few characters: Example: Win.nft, meta.nft, cash.nft, coin.nft - if you manage to find a domain with 2-4 characters in a domain name, you have found a gold domain.

Premium NTF domains - how to buy them?

There are several companies that offer premium NFT/crypto domains. You can find them with for example the extension .eth or .crypto. .wallet.

NTF premium domains are becoming increasingly popular as the rapidly growing number of celebrities start using this technology.

There is no doubt that people started researching this topic and found a lot of useful information, which can lead to great returns in the future if you are early to adopt NFT in general. However, the difficult thing is to predict how NFT will develop and where the real applications will be. Many believe that NFT will be a big part of the VR / META world in the future and hence want to "capture" the most obvious NFT domains.

A unique certificate of ownership is something that also convinces many people that NTF is the future of real ownership.

Recently, one of the NTF's premium domains was sold for - yes, it's true - $100,000. The example of the "win.crypto" domain shows that NTF premium domains are indeed valuable.

NFT crypto domains

One of the most popular providers of NTF crypto domains is a company based in San Francisco, USA. It is called Unstoppable Domains and it was this company that sold the most expensive NTF domain ever. If you are interested in buying one, you can use our search tool that we provide. You type in the name of the domain, alt sees which top domains we think are worthy of attention. We work to provide and showcase the hottest domains on the market.