One of the biggest benefits of NFT domains is that they cannot be changed or taken away from you. This is in contrast to traditional domains, which can be easily transferred or even deleted by the registry. With NFT domains, you have complete control over your domain and can be confident that it will remain yours as long as the blockchain exists.

Another big benefit of NFT domains is that they are censorship resistant. Because NFT domains are stored on a decentralized blockchain, there is no central authority that can take them down or censor them. This makes NFT domains the perfect platform for free speech and expression.

Lastly, NFT domains are also much more secure than traditional domain names. Because they are stored on a blockchain, NFT domain names cannot be stolen or hacked like traditional domain names can. This makes NFT domains the perfect choice for businesses and individuals who want to protect their online identity and brand.

So if you're looking for a new way to brand your business or build your online presence, NFT domains are the way to go. They offer immutability, censorship resistance, and security that traditional domains simply cannot match. So what are you waiting for? Go out and buy yourself a NFT domain today!